Research Interest

I have been working on data-driven causal inference as well as quantitative structural modeling in operations and economics.

  1. Fohlin, Caroline, and Zhikun Lu. 2021. “How Contagious Was the Panic of 1907? New Evidence from Trust Company Stocks.” AEA Papers and Proceedings, 111: 514-19.
    — Presented at American Economic Association Annual Meeting 2021
Working Paper
  1. Sooner or Later? Promising Delivery Speed in Online Retail,” with Ruomeng Cui, Tianshu Sun, and Joseph Golden, major revision at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
    — Presented at Wharton Empirical OM Workshop 2020, INFORMS Annual Meeting 2020, Conference on Information Systems and Technology (CIST) 2021, International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2021 with
    Best Paper in Track Award
  2. “Preferential Credit Policy Under Vertical Production Linkage,” with Kaiji Chen, Xuewen Liu, and Yong Wang
    — China International Conference in Macroeconomics (CICM) 2021
Work in Progress
  1. “The Value of Last-Mile Delivery,” with Ruomeng Cui, Tianshu Sun, and Lixia Wu
    — POMS Annual Conference 2022, INFORMS Annual Meeting 2022 (scheduled)